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“Moon Glow” Merlot


          Neal Newsome harvested the grapes at night near Plains, Texas, and after more than 5 years in French Oak Barrels, Moon Glow Merlot is ready to drink.


        Bing cherries and a hint of vanilla on the nose, give way to cherries, ripe red fruit, good acid, some oak on the palate and a long clean finish. Medium body and tannins.


     Allow this wine to breath before serving with pork, lamb, stews, & light beef dishes.   132 Cases

“Twilight Tango” Malbec


            This is the fourth vintage for the two acres of Malbec Grapes that Neal Newsome planted for us at Texas High Plains Vineyard. We call it “Twilight Tango” to reflect our love of the Malbec grape and the Tango, both made famous by the Argentines.


            Our 2007 Twilight Tango was aged in French Oak Barrels. The nose presents vanilla, black fruit, a hint of tobacco and chocolate. Soft Tannins and a long smooth finish characterize this big wine – ready to drink now, but will age well.


Pair with Beef, Duck, Buffalo, Elk or Venison 364 Cases

2005 Proprietors Reserve


            As our 2005 red wines aged in oak barrels, they required constant care. Monthly we top the barrels to exclude air that results from the “Angels Share” [evaporation] and we adjust the sulfite levels to inhibit spoilage. Quarterly we remove the wine from each barrel, taste it, rinse the barrel and refill it. These tastes guide us in selecting barrels of each variety to make a superior blend. Our 2005 Proprietor’s Reserve is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec, and 25% Merlot, and after 7 years in French Oak Barrels this wine is ready to enjoy with prime rib or steak 



            Redhead is a medium bodied sweet [6% residual sugar] and voluptuous table wine. We serve her chilled. One of our best selling wines !


Pinot Gris


            Neal and Janice Newsome grew the grapes near Plains, Texas. We call the grape variety by its French name, Pinot Gris, rather than by its Italian name, Pinot Grigio, because it reminds us of a French wine. As you swirl, sniff and sip this golden wine you will encounter a flinty minerality, with a tropical fruit, kiwi, and a hint of apricot on the nose. The full body has a voluptuous buttery richness that lingers on your pallet. Pairs well with shellfish, salmon and delicate Dover sole, and well as chicken or veal dishes. Serve Chilled. 185 Cases.

“Vivid” Viognier


            The bright pale yellow color of our Viognier led us to call it “Vivid.” It is well suited for serving with subtle seafood dishes such as filet of sole or scallops, yet its crisp minerality will stand up well against a tarter sauce. You might also enjoy it with sushi or chicken. 60 cases

“Sunny Day” Chardonnay


            A hint of pear and very subtle mango notes on the nose give way to a fruit forward palate. Balanced front and mid pallet sensations with a long, luscious finish characterize this 100% Texas wine.

            Enjoy it as an aperitif or with subtle fish such as sole, scallops or red snapper. This wine would also pair well with baked chicken or frog legs. 199 Cases

“Butter Oak” Chardonnay


            Subtle oak, pineapple and a buttery mouth feel characterize the first impressions of this wine.

Fermentation in French oak barrels adds complexity to the Texas Terrior, making a traditional – yet unique Chardonnay.

            Our family crest features an Oak Tree – with the motto “Stand Sure,” and we are delighted that we have stood sure for six years until we could finally obtain the Texas Chardonnay grapes to make this wine for your enjoyment. 144 Cases


“Pink Rainbows”


            “Mommy, come and see the Pink Rainbows,” called our 2-year old granddaughter. “I’m busy fixing dinner” came the reply. The little redhead responded excitedly and insisted, “No, mommy come now, Pink Rainbows!” And, for the first time, our daughter realized she could enjoy sunsets from her living room window.

            We hope that our “Pink Rainbows” blush will be among your favorite sunsets. This light refreshing wine’s sweetness makes it an excellent choice to accompany all spicy foods such as Asian, Barbeque, Cajun, Mexican or Tex-Mex



“Burleson Harbor I”


            The red dessert wine is blended and oak aged in a classic European style. The result is a mellow wine that “Old Guys” would enjoy after dinner with a cigar. We’ve moved beyond that and now understand that this style of wine goes very well with chocolate [preferably dark] and can be enjoyed by itself as an after dinner drink. Enjoy Burleson Harbor whenever it suits you. 


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