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Italian Dinner

Italian Cuisine and Italian Wines


Panzanella  *Tuscany

Tuscan Bread Salad with locally grown lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, Sweet onion and fresh basil leaves; Olive oil/red wine vinaigrette dressing

                                                Focaccoa with dipping oil



Lasagne Bolognese  *Emilia-Romagna

Green (spinach) noodles layered with both meat sauce and Bechamel        Sauce                        


Pesce Lesso con Due Salse  *Puglie

 Poached Fish with both salsa verde and tomato sauce



Fagiolini al Pomodoro 

 Florentine String Beans with tomato and garlic



Tiramisu  *Classic Italian

              Chocolate and Mascarpone “pick me up”


French Dinner*

French Cuisine and French Wines

Hors D'oeuvres Varies:

  • Baguette Slices & Butter

  • Pate de Campagne

  • Mini French Cheese Balls

  • Cornichons & Dijon Mustard


First Course:    Heirloom Tomato Pie

Entrée:   Chicken with Tarragon with  Fresh Greens & Cold Lentil Salad

Apres Le Main:  Fresh Mushroom Ragout on Garlic Toast

Sweet:    A variety of Mini Fruit and Berry Tartes


Argentinian/Spanish Double Play*

Argentine and Spanish cuisine and Wines

With some of the same roots, the foods and flavors of Spain and Argentina have some distinctive differences. We’ll sample several traditional favorites, along with wines from both countries.





A Variety of Traditional Tapas:

Banderillas:    The name stems from the barbed darts used

during a bullfight –skewered gherkin pickles, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, green olives, anchovies, artichoke hearts, sweet red and tiny banana peppers, sliced ham, pickled mushrooms;

Argentinian Focaccia:     An airy, light type of bread, much like a

pizza crust, topped with sweet onions and mozzarella cheese ;

Gambas al Ajillo:   Spanish Garlic Shrimp in a delicious olive oil

and butter sauce;

Carbonada Criolla:    Argentinian Beef Stew; a Patagonian dish

featuring dried fruit, tomatoes, onions and squash; Patatas Bravas with Garlic Aioli:   Roasted fingerling potatoes with a creamy garlic dipping sauce;

Tiny Chicken Empanadas:  Traditional finger pies filled with

chicken in a savory sauce

Zanahorias Aliñadas:   Marinated garlic-flavored carrots

Grilled, Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Pecans



Grilled Brisket with Chimichurri Sauce, served with parsley rice



Classic Argentinian Alfajores Cookies:   Dulce de leche sandwich bites, served with gelato

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